Yolanda Greene Bio


YoFitness Circuit Training Workouts Coming to My BodYoga & My BodyMoveZ 2570 Dynasty Loop.

YoFitness Circuit Training Workouts offer a variety of exercises in both strength training and cardio to give you new ideas and healthy challenges for working out. This workout alternates dynamic, total body strength moves with high intensity, high impact power moves so you focus on both strength and cardio. YoFitness is brought to you by Certified Fitness Trainer, Yolanda Greene. She has diligently trained under the former Mr. Universe, Yohnnie Shambourger, and also with Sherman M Nelson, Jr., Vice President of Taekwondo Development and Branding with International Sport Achievers.

Yolanda has a strong and unrelenting passion for health and fitness. She is excited to bring her enthusiasm and knowledge to My BodYoga LLC and My BodyMoveZ, LLC 2570 Dynasty Loop Woodbridge, VA 22192. She is offering YoFitness Bootcamps on Sundays 8:00AM-9:00AM & Mondays 8:15PM-9:15PM. Visit www.yofitness.net for more details.